Executive coaching

When it comes to coaching, it is about enabling others to achieve greater wellbeing, self-awareness and fulfilling potential. It is about giving each and every person an opportunity to have a reflective space to stop and focus on themselves. Our approach to coaching is to walk with you on that journey of self-awareness and facilitate the creation of a new pathway of self-discovery to maximise your strengths and your capacity to grow


At Annka we strive to demonstrate empathy, respect and attentive listening, all in a non-judgmental manner. Using emotional intelligence and intuition, we will challenge, question and help you explore the bigger picture giving you space to think and reflect.  Establishing trustful and effective relationships are of utmost importance to us.


Our approach to coaching is simple and concise and can be explained as clear, direct, honest, non-judgmental, creative and attentive. We will enable you to unlock your potential blind spots and enhance your self-awareness.

"The only way to make the right decision is to find out which is the wrong decision, to examine the other path without fear and only then decide"

The Pilgrimage, P Coelho

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