Personal wellbeing

It is said that wellbeing is the ‘state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’. I am sure you will agree that is challenging for all of us to always to be in a ’wellbeing’ state all of the time. Our wellbeing therefore will change depending on many different factors, some of which will be out of our control.

Wellbeing is dynamic and can affect our confidence levels, attitude, relationships, productivity and day to day routines. Whether it is through coaching, mindfulness, self-reflection or storytelling, from time to time we can all do with some self-help and positive re framing. At Annka we can offer you tailor made modules and sessions to help you thrive to be at your very best.

"When we postpone the harvest the fruit rots, but when we postpone our problems they keep growing"

The Fifth Mountain, P Coelho

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